Monday, November 29, 2010

Brittany holiday cottage with private pool

With just the Turkey left at the Brittany holiday cottage with private pool I thought I lost it last night, because we had snow in the morning I decided to close the coup to keep it warmer only to find the bird not in the run or the coup.

I searched the garden for 15 minutes in the dark trying to find him but with no joy and returned to the house thinking I might have lost him to an animal or he had escaped the garden.

Thankfully at dawn I heard his call and went out in the garden to see where he was, to my surprise he was perched about 7 feet of the ground on a branch of a tree over hanging the chicken run.

Knowing how much my dog lost in weight trying to keep warm while in a kennel one year, I think I will catch the turkey today, clip his wings and close him in each night in the coup.

I did think he would be a lot bigger than he is but I guess being free range he might not put on as much weight as farmed birds, I am hoping what he lacks in size will more than make up for in taste.

Next February I will buy a new group of birds, buying 3 chickens for eggs and a pair of female turkeys, with the aim of gifting a bird next Christmas to who ever has booked La Forge.

The Brittany holiday cottage is available to rent all year and the pool is ready to use from the start of April and closes normally at the end of September.

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