Monday, November 22, 2010

Brittany holiday cottage with private pool

After a few nice weeks working in the UK I returned to the Brittany holiday cottage with private pool on 15th November to find a pile of feathers scattered on the path. After a phone call from a friend who was looking after the birds while I was away I was expecting to see the results of either a cat or a fox.

I had left with just 2 birds remaining, my favorite hen and the turkey, I had not clipped the wings of the hen allowing her to jump over the gate of the chicken run to explore the garden during the day, unfortunately for her, allowing her to leave the protection of the run.

I am now just left with the turkey, who was always bought for the dinner table, for this Christmas. I have decided that for Christmas 2011 I will buy 2 Turkeys in the spring one for me and the other to give as a gift for anyone booking La Forge for Christmas.

I think for next year I will have 5 birds in total, 3 hens for eggs and the 2 turkeys. I will buy female Turkeys next year as I am a little disappointed on the growth of the male bird and I wonder if a female would have been a lot bigger.

The holiday cottage with private pool is available to rent all year, just click on website for more details.

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