Friday, October 16, 2009

House hunting in France via the Brittany holiday cottage with pool

During the low season you may wish to book the Brittany holiday cottage with pool as a base for house hunting in Brittany, the normal cost per week is £249 but if you book 4 weeks then the cost is just £700.

I know from experience how frustrating house hunting can be, when I came over in 2005 I spent a week driving over 1500 miles to look at 6 properties before selecting La Forge and La Veille Maison. The cost of the trip, including hotels, ferries, food and travel was almost £1700 for my farther and myself.

It could have been a great deal more if I had not fallen in love with La Forge and had to make additional trips.

With that in mind I had an idea to help save people the same expense and heart ache as I came across when driving for over 8 hours to find a property that was nothing like the advertisement from the estate agents or the web site.

I'm not a qualified surveyor but I do have an eye for a property and have decided to promote my services to view properties for the benefit of interested parties. I will go view the property you like, take pictures of every angle and room and give my account of the area and property, saving you time, money and heart ache.

The cost for me to view your potential French dream is £195 any where in Brittany.

If your interested in the service then just send me an email via my website and I'll contact you to discuss.

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