Monday, October 12, 2009

Brittany holiday cottage with pool and gym

Training came to a close at the Brittany holiday cottage with pool and gym this weekend with the show happening on Saturday.

My target weight was 13st-13 4lbs and no matter how hard I tried the weight did not come off, even loosing 10lbs in the last week, with a show weight of 14st 4lbs.

I knew before the day that the likely hood would be last place and sure enough that was where I finished, however I'm still very positive because for the last 5 years I have failed to loose any weight, sticking at 17st 5lbs, so to loose 3 stone this year I'm thrilled.

Whats next....well the plan is to keep up with the normal diet and loose a pond per week with the aim of hitting 12st 7lbs as a competition weight next year.

I was worried before the show that because of on going injuries my legs would look small, but in fact they were bigger than most, as was my back, I just needed better condition.

Chatting to some of the guys, they compete every year and only stay a stone away from there show weights.

So I'll be back in the gym at the Brittany holiday cottage over the next 12 months and out on the bike with a view of doing so much better in 2010, the bug is back and I'm enjoying the training and the journey to competition day.

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