Sunday, October 4, 2009

Brittany holiday cottage with pool and gym

With just 6 days before the Mike Williams NPA classic, training is at the last stages at the Brittany holiday cottage with pool and gym.

Yesterday I went out for my longest bike ride around 25-30 miles, without any carbs it was really hard work and 5 miles from home I pinched an apple for alittle energy to get me back from a farmers field.

Today I weighed just under 14st 10lbs and tomorrow I start just eating boiled chicken and drinking just water. I will start eating carbs on Thursday and Friday will consume 10 grammes of vitamin C with black coffee which combined act as a natural diuretic.

I have just 2 more workouts left in the Brittany holiday cottage gym and with energy levels at an all time low I'm just looking forward to competition day.

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