Sunday, November 8, 2009

Brittany holiday cottage with pool and gym

Its been 4 weeks since hitting the gym at the Brittany holiday cottage and had my first workout today. Took it very easy just doing an ak over upper body workout and some abbs to finish, it felt good being back even thow I felt extremly weak.

Ive spent the last 4 weeks resting and eating what ever Ive fancied and I'm back up to 15st 2lbs which is ok. Now Ive hit the gym, I'll restart the cardio this week and the diet tomorrow....the plan being to compete again next year.

After coming 8th or last on the 10th October I came away feeling very positive, in that I have struggled to loose weight sinse the age of 30 and yet this year thanks to getting really motivated for the competition lost a total of 2 1/2 stone as off todays weight.

The aim now is just to continue loosing a pound per week with the view of competing next October at 12 1/2's to the next step of the journey.

Looking forward to buying a leg extension machine for the gym at the Brittany holiday cottage for next season to compleate the gym.

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