Tuesday, December 8, 2015

Our Brittany holiday cottage with private heated swimming pool near Baud

During the low season at our Brittany holiday cottage with private heated swimming pool near Baud I get to do the jobs that can not be done while we have guest staying.

Over last weekend I tackled the 2 tree stubs in the garden and have found a very easy way of getting rid of the stumps. After doing research on the internet I decided that burning the stumps was going to be the easiest solution.

Here are the basis steps on how to burn a tree stump with ease:

1: I dug down 6 inches below ground level to allow the stump to be burnt below ground level.
2: I drilled 1 inch holes 6 inches deep all over the top of the stump and half way down at an angle in to the center of the stump.
3:I then filled the holes with kerosene and allowed to soak in for 24 hours.
4: I then placed a metal drum over the stump and filled the drum with charcoal to cover the stump which was 12 inches above ground level and lit the coals.
5: I then reduced all the airflow after the coals were lit and then just waited and in 48 hours with one additional top up of coals I was left with just a hole in the ground.

The stumps were completely gone - It was such an easy way to get rid of the tree stumps and at a relatively low cost.

The ground will now be used to extend the children s play area in the garden after its covered with safety mats and bark in case of falls from the climbing frames.

Our Brittany holiday cottage is very much a child friendly holiday destination.

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