Monday, May 18, 2015

Brittany holiday cottage with private heated swimming pool and gym

Over the weekend at our Brittany holiday cottage with private heated swimming pool and gym Naomi and I were back in the garden creating new garden areas.

I removed an old heather bush that was looking a little tired, built up the stone boundary, relocated some Tropicana plants to the area and covered the area in red bark.

The results of our work over the weekend at the Brittany holiday cottage

In addition to this section of the garden we cleared away part of a large tree to expose the ground below,dug over the soil, created a new stone boundary wall and then planted a mixture of wild flower seeds.

We also planted these seeds at the opposite end of the garden within the existing rockery after clearing away all the old growth to start a fresh.

All in all a very constructive weekend and we are looking forward to seeing all the results in a few months time for guest of La Forge and La Veille Maison to enjoy.

Every year I always enjoy the positive comments on how good the garden looks from the guest staying at the holiday cottages which gives me the motivation to make improvements every year.

When I bought the holiday cottages there was a 60 foot plus tree in the middle of the garden that created a lot of shade and around the perimeter of the garden were large conifers that encroached  into the garden.

The conifers have all been reduced in height and all inward branches removed and the large tree removed creating so much more space and light in the garden.

This extra space allowed us to create the children's play area and the removal of the large tree certainly made the swimming pool maintenance so much easier and for the pool to be washed in sunshine from the early morning rather than before from midday on wards.

Children s play area at the Brittany holiday cottage

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