Saturday, May 30, 2015

Brittany holiday cottage with heated swimming pool and gym

Yesterday at the Brittany holiday cottage with heated swimming pool and gym was chest and triceps for me in the gym.

After carrying an injury in my right elbow 'tendinitis' for the last 3 months its been good to be able to train, pain free. I've deliberately kept the weights low to allow more recovery time but at the same time start to work the muscles.

It's so frustrating because my goal is to compete again and I know that the only way I'll be able to compete is to have regular exercise which is injury free.

As it was performing Preacher curl that caused the injury, I've swapped the machines around that's available in the gym by removing the preacher bench and replacing it with a multi function bench.

This multi function allows for more exercises to be performed so I'm looking forward to mixing up my workouts some more.

The gym at our Brittany holiday cottage is available for all our guest to use staying at either La Forge or La Veille Maison.

 The above TV interview was a great source for motivation during my twenties and I still enjoy seeing one of the greats Tom Platz excel in this interview.

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