Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Brittany holiday cottage with private pool

The new duckling at the Brittany Holiday cottage with private pool has finally been accepted by the resident duck. After several attacks by the resident duck I decided to leave the duckling outside the run and for it to take its chances in the garden, I felt it had a better survival rate than leaving it in with the resident duck.
The duckling stayed around the run for 3 days and each night I would allow all the birds to graze in the garden for an hour before dusk. The ducks seems to get on, with the duckling following every move of Lilly only for Lilly to turn on the duckling for no apparent reason after half an hour or so.
This went on for 3 nights with the attacks getting less vicious each night and last night I placed the duckling inside the run when all the birds returned after their hour in the garden.
This morning all the birds seem happy and it appears that the new duckling has been accepted by all.
Once the duckling gets bigger I will put another file box into the ground and fill with water, until then they will have to make do with a plastic bowl of water. I do not want a repeat performance of the duckling that was lost about a month ago.
Still only getting one egg per day, new guest arrive at the holiday cottage with private pool on Saturday from Holland and they have a small child, so I expect they will enjoy the birds immensely.

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