Monday, April 13, 2015

Brittany holiday cottage with private heated pool and gym

Today at the Brittany holiday cottage with private heated pool and gym I set a new personal best for dead lifts - 144 kg ( 316 lbs) for 1 rep.

I managed 4 reps for 140 kg but it was staggering how heavy the extra 4 kg made to the bar - not only on my back but also my grip.

I did try 150 kg last week and failed so decided to increase in smaller increments - my goal is to get to 200 kg by the end of the year.

I'm doing the lifts without a back belt or wrist straps to improve back strength and grip.

If I look at my personal best for the 3 main disciplines - squats,dead lifts and bench press my total weight for 3 reps on each exercise is now  520 kg (1140 lbs)

My 1 rep max is not much higher but I've never been concerned with 1 rep weights.

The gym at the Brittany holiday cottage allows any one to have a great workout.

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