Thursday, February 6, 2014

Short term stays at the Brittany holiday cottage with private heated pool

Last weekend at La Forge we had our second short term stay at the Brittany holiday cottage with private heated pool. The guest enjoying our discounted short stay rates..

The guest stayed for 3 days on a house hunting trip to the region during which I sat down with them and shared all my experiences of buying a property in France and running a holiday cottage.

The guest had arranged to view 4 properties in the Morbihan region during there stay and have now left to move further south.

They both commented that they had experienced the same problem I had in that the estate agents had not provided an accurate description of the properties and felt in some cases it was a wasted trip.

I told them I had experienced exactly the same in 2005 when I came over to house hunt in that I had booked to see 6 properties in 5 different regions of France to come away falling in love thankfully with La Forge and La Veille Maison and felt very disappointed with 4 others.

Of the 6 it was a toss up between La Forge -La Veille Maison and a property with a lake in the Charente region of France- in hindsight I now know I purchased the right property.

The trip in 2005 cost over £1500 and during which I chalked up over 1600 miles, it is with this in mind that I now offer a house viewing service for potential buyers in that for a small charge I'll go and view a property on there behalf, take loads of pictures, videos and the like to enable people to make a better decision  before coming to France to view a house.

The rates we charge during the low season at the Brittany holiday cottage are extremely low in that we only charge £120 for a 2 night stay or £50 per night for longer. Once you hit 5 nights we just charge £225 for up to 7 nights.

As I said the guest who just left were our second house hunting guest this year staying at the cottage, as we had another couple stay in January for 9 nights. Our next guest arrive on 19th February for a 4 night stay.

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