Monday, August 30, 2010

Brittany holiday cottage with pool and gym

One of the most important aspects of running the Brittany holiday cottage with pool and gym is listening to the guest, over the last couple of weeks some have said that Spike the Cockerel was a little too vocal in the mornings.

This week while my daughter was with me we decided to release Spike in the near by woods rather than do the deed, he can fly so with luck he will enjoy some time in the wild.

I had bought 2 ducks for eggs only to find out they were 'boys' and this week we had them for dinner. They were georgeous but with the amount of time needed to pluck I would only have them for a special occassion in the future assuming I bought 'boys' by accident again.

We have now gone down to the 2 hens and the Turkey, of which I have decided to have for Christmas. With just the 3 birds the cost of food will reduce dramatically.

I was shocked when I went into the Chicken run on Saturday to clean the coup to hear the Turkey 'cock-a -doddle- do' ,while Spike and the 2 male ducks were in the run the Turkey remained quite, now they have gone its showing the girls its the new 'man' on the block.

The latest guest staying at La Forge are enjoying collecting the eggs each day.

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