Wednesday, April 29, 2009

My Brittany Holiday Cottage with private pool

The garden within my Brittany holiday cottage is not as large as my previous house in Cambridgeshire but one of my favorite aspects of running a holiday cottage is hearing the comments from my guest on what a great job I've done. I wanted to create a sub tropical garden so that when your soaking up the sun beside the pool it felt absolutely wonderful, with that in mind I've bought many mature plants to create instant impact. At my previous house which had a 2 acre plot, one of my great joys was getting rid of 70 tonnes of tarmac in an area of the grounds, replacing it with 30 tonnes of top soil and creating an orchard. I bought all my trees from Keepers Nursery based in Kent via mail order, one element I really liked was creating an orchard with fruit that you would not find being sold down your local super market, a lot of the trees were old varieties of apple tree.

With that in mind I have planted Apple, Pear and Peach trees within my French garden and im really excited that all the trees have young fruit on this season after being planted last year, so im looking forward to a bumper harvest. Ive also got half a dozen Blue berry bushes, a mature grape vine and a Hazel nut tree that I brought over from the Cambridge house.

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