Thursday, April 23, 2009

Brittany Fishing via the Holiday Cottage

Had my first fishing trip of the year on Saturday 25th April. Fished a small estuary just the other side of Lorient. High tide was at 17.40 and I started fishing at 14.oo with 2 rods, 1 set up with a sliding weight and single hook the other with a fixed weight and a 2 hook pre-bought rig.

Used shop bought rag worm as bait and the first 2 cast with the free sliding rig brought 2 Bass within the first 20 min, both only 20 cm long.Then came a third Bass same size on the 2 hook rig, followed by an additional 3 within the next hour on the single hook rig. During that hour I was getting the bites on the 2 hook rig but not hooking the fish, so i decided to change that rod over too a sliding rig also.

By high tide I had caught 9 bass all the same size and a tiny Place all of which were returned, all though all fish were returned I enjoyed the day having to cast both rods out at the same time because bites were coming so fast. If after 15 min a bite was not seen i would recast because the bait had gone.

Once the tide changed all bites stopped. The weather was sunny with just a slight breeze.

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