Thursday, August 25, 2011

Brittany holiday cottage with private pool

Today along with the guest currently staying at La Forge (the Brittany holiday cottage with private pool ) we popped down to the Bar de Etel for a spot of beach casting.

Yesterday I drove to Lorient which is about 25 minutes from the holiday cottage to buy some additional fishing equipment in the Decathlon store and pick up some rag worms. Unfortunately they did not hold the normal worms that I would have bought ( The Demi mure, red box) but only had the jumbo and small rag, so I decided to try the supermarket near Crach to buy some bait.

The reason I don't buy the Jumbo is because at 5.50 euros a box I find them rather expensive...what a mistake that turned out to be because when we arrived at the super market 'Intermarche' they did have the worms I wanted but at the extortionate price of 7.20 a box, by then it was to late if we wanted to catch the tide and avoid further driving to the Decathlon store in Vannes so we headed of to the fishing venue with just 2 boxes each, I would normally buy 4 for my 2 rods.

As my daughter was with me and the guest staying at the cottage took his 13 year old son I opted not to fish the full run of the incoming tide. High tide was at 3pm and we started fishing at noon. The coefficient was really low today at 32 yet I was still picking up weed for the first hour at which point less and less weed was being hauled in on each retrieve.

I used my favorite rig, very simple a running ledger with a 3ft hook length on an Aberdeen no1 long shank and fished the rag worm about 80 meters from the shore on both rods. Around 2pm I had my first bite of the day and caught a 1lb Bass in lovely condition. I was waiting to switch from using rag at long range to Mackerel at 30 meters at slack tide for the Turbot but while helping out the guest a large wave hit the rocks where I had placed the mackerel and all was lost. I ended up finishing fishing at 3pm because the bait run out, but all was good as I caught my supper and my daughter was getting restless.

Although the tide was quite week it was not a pleasant day to fish with high winds creating some large waves and rain for most of the 3 hours.

The guest staying at La forge took advantage of the spare beach caster and reel that I have available to use.

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