Sunday, June 26, 2011

Brittany holiday cottage with private pool

Within the group currently staying at the Brittany holiday cottage with private pool is a keen Salmon fisherman from Wales.

He had an evening on the L'evel a few days ago and caught 2 Salmon parr both about 7 inches long and last night I popped over too the Blavet with him just north of Baud following a report from a friend that he had seen alot of fly fishermen fishing around one of the locks that contains a pair of fish ladders.

We did have a week of heavy rain last week and the guest explained that when the rivers are full of water thats the time to fish for the Salmon. We arrived 5 days after all the rain and the river was back to normal however that did not stop him from having a few hours of fun, catching 2 chub of 3lbs on a dry fly and having half a dozen more takes to get the blood rushing.

It was a wonderful evening as it had been bright and sunny all day with temperatures reaching 28 degrees and fish were rising all the time with plenty of insect life around.

For a video of the first fish caught see: Fishing the blavet

La Forge is just a 10 minute drive to the river Blavet which was voted the best course fishing river of France in 2006.

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