Monday, October 11, 2010

Brittany holiday cottage with private pool

As the weather has been great at the Brittany holiday cottage with private pool I decided to go fishing again last Saturday with a friend down at Etel.

High tide was at 18.30 with a coefficient of 111, I was surprised my friend suggested going that day as he had said on an earlier occasion that he preferred to fish tides with a coefficient of around 60 and from past experience Ive not had much joy with strong running tides.

We arranged to meet at 11 am, I arrived at 10.30 to be greeted with hugh waves hitting the beach and this was an hour before low water, I thought it would be un-fishable at high tide due to being to dangerous and it was agreed to try another location further up the estuary.

We dug for bait for the first 2 hours and started fishing just after 1pm, the tide had just turned and had started running back in, as we had not dug up much bait we decided to use Mackerel fillets for the first 2 hours to conserve the bait. On his 3rd cast my friend hooked into and landed a 3lb Conger eel, which I thought was a great sign of what was to come.

At 2.30 the tide was really running fast and a 6 onze break away could not hold bottom and we were casting up tide to be dragged down tide in a matter of 10 minutes. My friend decided to move around to a cove just 150 meters from where we were fishing to get out of the current, I remained and 10 minutes later had my first bite on lug worm to catch a small wrasse.

My mate came running around to say he had some great bites one after another and I agreed to join him after loosing both sets of tackle on a snag on the retrieve after being swept along by the current.

After setting up both rods again, I started fishing on a very uncomfortable rocky out crop and missed a bite, my mate had said now that he has missed 7 or 8 bites and after 45 minutes I decided to return to the initial fishing site and he followed.

The tide was however running so strong that I decided to wait until high tide at 18.30 in the hope the current would drop off to conserve the bait and tackle. My mate decide to pack up and I carried on, the tide did not loose its power until 7.30 when I began fishing again just before it got to dark and I caught a small Pouting.

All though we were a mile away from the Bar de Etel I could here the rumble of the waves breaking all day and although we did not catch much enjoyed the days fishing in a safe location.

My next planned sea fishing trip will be in November, when I'm hoping to do a night tide down at Etel.

Etel is just a 40 min drive from the Brittany holiday cottage with pool.

For guest staying at La Forge I do have additional equipment to lend if you wish to have a fish and am always willing to join you for a days fishing, if required.

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