Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Brittany holiday cottage with pool

Last weekend I popped down to the market at Baud which is just 3 miles away from the Brittany holiday cottage with pool in search of an additional egg producing duckling. Unfortunately I was told to try again in 2 weeks time.

While at the market I noticed how many birds were being sold for meat production, be it ducks, chickens or turkeys. I have been pondering about rearing a turkey for Christmas as you can not buy a whole turkey in the super markets and decided to have a go, buying a single bird. The market stall holder said that it will be ready to eat in 3 months and would be delicious, if i can do the deed I'll buy a bird every 3 months, if not I guess it will end up being a pet for the entertainment of the children staying at La forge holiday cottage.

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