Saturday, March 25, 2017

Our Brittany holiday cottage with private heated pool and gym near Baud

Today at our Brittany holiday cottage with private heated pool and gym near Baud it was bright and sunny and its forecast to be the same over the next week, therefore it was time to bring out our Bird of paradise plants and bananas for our new tropical garden beside the new terrace of La Forge.

The terrace was constructed at the end of February and this month as the weather has been improving the planting up of all the new boarders has begun.

As mentioned above we have Birds of Paradise,several varieties of Banana, in addition we have planted up Arum's of different colors and Canna.

Ready for our guest to enjoy at our Brittany holiday cottage near Baud

The new brighter terrace of La Forge our Brittany holiday cottage
Climbing up the terrace we have planted 2 varieties of Jasmine and 2 varieties of honeysuckle all chosen for there scent.

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