Friday, July 22, 2016

Bastille celebrations at our Brittany holiday cottage near Baud

Last week we celebrated Bastille day at Josselin just 25 miles from our Brittany holiday cottage near Baud.  Josselin is always a recommended tourist attraction for guest staying at our Brittany holiday cottage and the festival is simply the icing on the cake.

We had our hair cuts done to compliment the costumes and as a family I think we hit the mark with our son stealing the show.

Like father like son at the Josselin medieval festival

We love the atmosphere of the medieval festival at Josselin

We had a large family party who over the last two weeks rented out both holiday cottages La Forge and La Veille Maison who all said enjoyed the festivities of the Josselin medieval festival.

Enjoyed a lovely day out as a family

 After wearing 13 kg of chain mail for 6 hours - it was time for the warriors to return to the car.

Josselin holds its medieval festival every other year on the 14th July and is always a highly recommended day out for our guest staying in La Forge and La Veille Maison.

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