Friday, August 14, 2015

Brittany holiday cottage with pool and gym near Baud

Yesterday at the Brittany holiday cottage with pool and gym near Baud I started the day with a 4 mile walk before breakfast - it was a refreshing walk as there was a slight shower during the walk before the sun shone through.

There is a lovely 4 mile walk just behind the cottages that follow the river Tarun along a flat road, which is exactly 2 miles long - so its there and back for a power walk to burn those unwanted calories.

In the afternoon still feeling the need to exercise I decided to do legs.

Started with a couple of sets of front squats to give my shoulder injury a rest then switched over to normal squats going up to 140 kg for 6 very deep reps. Unfortunately my mind was focusing on my ability of my injured shoulder to keep the bar fixed in position which effected my ability to push myself harder and do more reps or a heavier weight.

It was then on to leg extension for 6 sets followed by 4 sets of leg curls.

Today my legs are feeling tired but its ok as today is a rest day. I think that they are feeling so tired as the day before I did a dead lift workout and I do tend to try to work my hamstrings during the dead-lift movement and my quads come in to play also.

This week a guest staying in La veille Maison has also enjoyed working out in the gym.

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