Monday, October 27, 2014

Brittany holiday cottage with private heated swimming pool and gym

Last week at the Brittany holiday cottage with private heated swimming pool and gym we finally put on the winter cover and closed down the swimming pool.

The procedures for closing the swimming pool are simple enough. Firstly the heater is switched off and we allow the water temperature to drop.

The pool is then cleaned and we then give it shock treatment of chlorine and that's it! - the winter cover is placed over the pool and we just wait for March to arrive before opening it all up again to find the water crystal clear.

One final point while the pool is closed I just run the pump once per week for 3 or 4 hours just to turn the water over.

I used to have the pump running every night for 2 hours during the closed season in earlier years but when switching to the weekly pump run noticed no difference in the water quality when opening the pool yet save a lot of money with the new regime in electricity costs.

The swimming pool is opened at the start of march with the heater switched on after 2 weeks so its all up and running for the start of April where guest staying in La Forge can enjoy the heated swimming pool on a private basis.

cleaning the pool at the Brittany holiday cottage
In April La Forge is currently offered at just £375 per week or book 2 weeks for £700 having being reduced from £549 per week.

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