Thursday, May 1, 2014

Brittany holiday cottage with private heated swimming pool

Yesterday at the Brittany holiday cottage with private heated swimming pool I popped along to the local private lake just to enjoy a 4 hour fish.

It was the first time I took sufficient amounts of maggots to last a day and as soon as I arrived threw a hand full out in to the swim while I set up my rods.

The first rod was set up for the carp, I ledger-ed  sweet corn and used a bite alarm so I could concentrate on the float rig with the maggots.

After 10 minutes while my alarm screamed out and I struck into my first fish, a lovely slender Carp of around 6 lbs.

From then on the carp rod went very quite and that was the only bite during the 4 hours, while on the other rod I caught over 30 small Roach and a single Perch which was great fun - getting a bite with every cast within the first few minutes.

Its a lovely way to fish, being amused with the float rig while still having the hope of that carp rod getting some action.

The lake is just 5 minutes from the Brittany holiday cottage and you can fish it without a licence for just 10 euro per day or 5 euro for a half day.

It's a lovely little lake for guest staying in La Forge or La veille Maison to get in a sneaky fishing trip during there holiday.

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