Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Brittany holiday cottages with heated pool

With our new fitness regime started this week, Naomi and I decided to take a long walk from the Brittany holiday cottages with heated pool and followed the river Tarun upstream from the cottages.

On our way back I was surprised to see this new stretch of the river because it was always hidden from the road above. At one point I discovered a streem merging with the river and it looked like an absoulute fantastic place to fish.

Every year several guest staying at either La Forge or La Veille Maison are keen fisherman and love the opportunity to spend an hour or two in the afternoon or evening after a day out trying there luck for the wild trout that run on the Tarun.

I will take some pictures later in the week and post this new stretch of the river. For a video of the river just 100 meters from the holiday cottages:

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