Sunday, February 20, 2011

Brittany holiday cottage with private pool

Market day within Baud is always on a Saturday and yesterday my daughter and I left the Brittany holiday cottage with private pool to see if any chickens were being sold. I had a feeling it might be to early in the year for young birds to be available and sure enough the guy was not there at the market.

Today we sowed new grass seed in the chicken run so that when the new birds arrive the run will be covered in fresh grass to give them a good start in addition to there feed, although I guess within 2 months of the new birds arriving not a single blade of grass will be left.

We are looking to buy 4 chickens and 2 turkeys, 2 of the chickens will be bought for meat with the view that we may get some eggs from them while the holiday cottages are occupied, then in the Autumn they will go into the pot.

The turkeys are for Christmas, one for my table and the other as a complimentary gift for anyone booking La Forge for the festive season. The holiday cottage will be decorated for the festive season.

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